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Sequential Foil Numbering

Sequential Hot Foil Numbering Stamp Silver Gold Kickstarter Reward

Unlike traditional foil stamping, sequential foil numbering is done with a special press that gives each individual piece of your run a unique number.

Sequential foil numbering is a great addition to Kickstarter / crowdfunded projects, and it can also be done on a small part of the run (say just 100 copies out of 500) to make those copies extra special.

Sequential numbering has certain restrictions: because it is done with a special machine, the size and font of the numbering cannot be changed, and there will always be 6 numbers.

Sequential Foil Numbering Stamp File Guide

Sequential Foil Numbering File Placement:

Sequential foil numbering must be placed within 10cm (3.93 inches) of the outside edge.  Please see the guide above for a visual example of where you can place your numbers, anywhere in the white space.

The size of PrintNinja’s foil numbering is 3/8 inch in height and 1 inch in width.


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