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Board Game Screens Dividers Screens can offer an area for players to hide valuable information or reference information that other players shouldn’t see.

Production and Material

Our screens are made using a similar process as the cover for a casebound book. Sheets of cardboard are cut to size and wrapped with a printed and finished parent sheet. Through a gluing and folding process, that produces a hinge, you end up with a screen.

Panel Options

Our screens can be made with two panels or three panels(seen in photo). Two panels have one fold(hinge) and can best be visualized as opening a hardcover book. Three panels are produced as a long rectangle with the two outer panels folding into the center panel.

Two panels is the basic screen and works very well, but if you have a larger area you need to cover or a lot of players surrounding you then three panels may be a better choice.

Screen Size

Your screen size must be smaller than the size or your game box. If you choose a three-panel option then you can have a larger screen while still fitting inside your box. For quoting, please provide the full size of the screen as it measures in it’s unfolded state.

Multiple Variants

Typically, games will require each player has their own screen. You can decide to have each screen printed with the same artwork or provide different art for each piece. For example, if you’d like to have 5 screens per game each with different artwork then we’ll need to know you need 5 variants.