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Case Binding

Hardcover Case Binding Design and Production Example

Case binding is also known as hardcover binding, so named because the books are constructed using a hard outside “case” in contrast to the paper used for the covers of perfect bound (softcover) books. Case bound books with lower page counts (typically under 60 pages) are assembled by hand while higher page count books are assembled by machine.

How Case Binding is Made

As with other binding methods, casebound books start with printed parent sheets, which are cut, folded, and gathered.  From there, the pages are smyth sewn into a book block, and cloth is added to the spine area where it will be glued into the case.

How Hardcover Case Binding Is Made With Smyth Sewing Book Block Cloth

Next, the case itself is made by gluing and folding a printed sheet around 3 pieces of board.

How Hardcover Case Binding Is Madey By Construction Board Glue Paper

Finally, the inside pages (the book block) are glued into the hard cover (the case).  For books of over 60 pages, endsheets are also used to secure the book block to the case. Watch the entire case binding process.

The final assembly is done differently depending on the page count; lower page counts are assembled by hand, while higher page counts are assembled by machine. This will affect a few visual details regarding your binding (books assembled by hand tend to have more of the gutter and binding visible, for instance), but the quality of both methods live up to PrintNinja’s high standards.

Design Considerations

Remember, your inside covers will be pages glued to the inside of the hardcover case.  If you’d like to have any blank pages, be sure to include those in your submitted artwork.

Also, for case bound books of 60 pages or more, be sure to take the design of your endsheets into account.

Cover Design: Designing the case for a casebound book is quite complex, since in addition to calculating the spine width, you must take bleed, fold over, and hinge into account.  Be sure to consult our case binding cover layout guide when creating your design.

Additionally, if your casebound book requires a dust jacket, consult our dust jacket template to set it up properly.

Production Time

After being sent to press, case bound projects take approximately three weeks to manufacture, after which they are shipped out to you via your chosen shipping method.  Be sure to check our turnaround time page to see how much time your project will take based on your proofing and shipping options.