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Paper Weight

Paper weight indicates the thickness of the paper stock used. Our papers are divided into two weight categories:

Text stock: Measured in pounds (usually noted lb. or #), these papers are most often used for inside pages.

Cover stock: Measured in points (usually noted pt.), these papers are most often used for cover pages.

Here are the paper weights PrintNinja offers, along with their common uses:

55lb. text:

55lb 55# text paper stock
The lightest of our paper stocks, this is typically used for the pages of novels, or for workbooks. (80 GSM metric weight)

70lb. text:

70lb 70# text paper stock
The thickness of an average comic book page, 70lb. text is also used for catalogs with high page counts. (105 GSM metric weight)

85lb. text:

85lb 85# text paper stock
This versatile, medium weight paper is commonly used for magazines, catalogs, and booklets of all varieties.  It is also our recommended inside paper weight for hardcover books with page counts higher than 60. (128 GSM metric weight)

105lb. text:

105lb 105# text paper stock
This stock is typically used for the inside pages of children’s books, and for coffee table and art books.  It is also our recommended cover stock for single issue comic books and many other saddle stitched projects. (157 GSM metric weight)

135lb. text:

135lb 135# text paper stock
The heaviest of our text stocks, 135lb. is suitable for the inside pages of children’s books or coffee table books that want an extra-heavy page feel.  It also works well as a cover stock for many saddle stitched projects. (200 GSM metric weight)

10pt. cover:

10pt cover paper stock
The lightest cover stock we offer, 10pt. cover is a great fit for catalog covers, and is often the best choice for the cover of any perfect bound project 6″ x 9″ or smaller. (250 GSM metric weight)

12pt. cover:

12pt cover paper stock
A medium weight cover stock often used as the cover paper for trade paperbacks, graphic novels, and many perfect bound projects larger than 6″ x 9″. (300 GSM metric weight)

14pt. cover:

14pt cover paper stock
The heaviest cover stock we offer, 14pt. cover gives a rugged, durable feel and is often used for any project that will be handled a lot, for very thick perfect bound projects of any variety such as catalogs or graphic novels, or for oversized projects larger than 8.5″ x 11″. (350 GSM metric weight)

There are many different paper weight classifications beyond text and cover, such as bond, index, tag, and more, however text and cover are the ones PrintNinja uses.  When comparing domestic and international paper stocks, make sure you’re comparing both weight and type.  For example, 80# text is a very different paper than 80# cover.