Photo Book Self-Publishing

Photo book printing projects are successfully brought to life with PrintNinja! Our four-color printing process accurately reproduces rich colors, down to the finest detail. Select from the highest-quality binding available, a premium array of paper choices, all with printing experts to help you every step of the way. With just a 250 unit minimum, you can create your professional photo book with our affordable printing.

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Photo Book Self-Publishing

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How PrintNinja Can Make Your Project a Reality

About Our Process
Photo book printing customers insist on high-quality reproduction of their work! It’s logical: they plan the composition of their shots and they wait for the right light – they should expect the same thing from their printer. Happily, our process is well-suited to produce high-quality reproductions of their images, and we consistently satisfy customers with our communication and the quality our printed output. You should add us to your short list of potential printers for your project.

Our success stories and excellent testimonials from photo book printing customers begin with our printing process. We are all offset, all the time. (Sometimes it’s called “four-color process.”) Offset printing lets us offer an exciting array of high-quality papers, finishes and binding types. The ink is “in” the paper rather than “on” the paper and our standard printing resolution is 300 DPI – which gives crisp edges and wonderful color tones. There’s a tradeoff – the MOQs are higher for offset than for digital – but if you’ve spent months or years getting your work ready for printing, it certainly deserves the right printing process.

About Our Customer Service
A little bit about us: our customer service team is based in Chicago. We do custom printing every day. Much of our work is with creators and indie publishers. Our service team consists of empathetic account managers that are well-trained, experienced and easy to get along with and prepress artists that are prepared to patiently explain the process of getting your images ready for press. We hand-manage every print job from the time of first inquiry until the job is delivered to your final location. That level of involvement and commitment means short response times to questions and effective communication back and forth when should issues or questions arise.

About Our Print Professionals
We have an office in China, and it makes an enormous difference in the level of quality and service that we can provide. Custom Photo Book printing projects are very much small-run endeavors, and China is a great resource for small runs of high-quality printed materials. We’ve been printing there since 2009, so we’ve got a pretty good handle on it! The image above shows Daniel, our China office manager, inspecting the first sheets off of an offset press run in one of our factories – we put quality assurance staff in our printing factories so that all of our jobs come exactly the way that we expect and that you deserve.

All of this experience and infrastructure makes it easy for us to offer quality guarantees, and we’re delighted that it results in strong references. Our testimonials and service ratings attest to the fact that our systems and people are good at helping deliver quality printing jobs to customers. If you are shopping for someone to handle your photo book printing project, you can click through onto our instant price calculators to get started today – samples and development resources are just a few clicks away.

This was our first photography book and we knew 'printing' was everything to make this book a success. Their support staff was super helpful and did guide us through step by step!

Fantastic service, fast replies, trustworthy people all around! I'm definitely using them again.

First time printing an artbook with illustrations from 52 different people, so... quality needed to be beyond superb. PrintNinja are the very best when it comes to printing.

Why Print with PrintNinja?

Premium Printing for Self-Publishers

Every project is print and bound with the best materials by experienced professionals. Our dedicated team in China works with the same factories as top-notch publishing companies.

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Discover why hundreds of self-publishers trust PrintNinja. Our references prove that people love working with us.

Reliable Customer Service

With years of experience, our U.S. based customer service team serves a global audience and will lead you through self-publishing step by step. We value clear communication, and we’re always available to answer your questions.

Premium Printing at an Affordable Price

Sell your project and profit, without sacrificing quality. Save with our low per-unit costs.

Low Minimums, Highly Customizable

Customize every aspect of your book, from unique sizing to specialty add-ons like foil stamping. Design a dust jacket or add embossing to bring your vision to life.

Museum-Quality, Professional Printing

Choose from lasting finishes and the highest quality binding available. Detailed artwork and photos will pop from the vibrant colors and deep saturation of offset printing. Create a durable publication that will last countless reads.

Maximize Profitability with Affordable Printing

Sell your photo book—the more you print, the lower your unit cost. Get the same quality as top-notch publishing houses for less.

Get Every Detail of Your Project Right

Take the guesswork out of printing your photo book. Order our Standard Sample Pack and experience paper options and more, firsthand.

The PrintNinja Standard Sample Pack includes:
  • Complete suite of paper types
  • Tactile examples of paper coatings and finishes
  • Printed sampling of specialty add-ons
  • Foil stamping color options
  • Need to know file setup tips
  • Walkthrough of our services
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