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Record Jacket Printing Services

Your fans don’t get anything tangible with digital downloads, so buck the system and give your biggest supporters something cool.

Old Style Tip-On Record Jacket
Tip-on is our highest quality material and provides a vintage aesthetic.
Standard Direct To Board Record Jacket
Direct to board is a thinner material and is used in modern packaging.
Record Jacket Finishes
Choose from three finishes to add style to your record jacket.
Record Jacket Specialty Add-Ons
Increase your jacket's value with these specialty add-ons.
Vinyl Record Poster Inserts
Posters have been a part of music forever - include one in your jacket.
Vinyl Record Booklet Inserts
Booklets provide a lot of space for artwork, lyrics and sharing your story.
Inner Sleeves
Protect your record from scratches with inner sleeves.
Pocket Configurations
Customize your jacket with one of our unique pocket configurations.