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Punch Out Tokens

Punch Out Tokens Tiles Punch tokens are made from die-cutting large high-density greyboard sheets. Tokens will be assembled in your box as pre-cut sheets, not pre punched tokens. Your fans will punch the tokens out of the sheet the first time they open your game, giving them that mint condition fell.

Size of Token Sheets

Cost is based on sheet size, not token quantity. When requesting token quotes, we only need to know your sheet size so be sure you know how many tokens you can fit on the requested size. Your sheet size should be small enough to fit into your two-piece box. Once you submit your quote we’ll be in touch to get the specifics of your token sizes and quantity.

Note: Once the player punches out the tokens, they may want a place to store them together such as a bag, consider including an empty bag in your game box.

Material and Printing

Tokens and tiles verbiage are used interchangeably, but the functionality is typically different. Tokens are often used in board games to function as a resource while tiles are used to assemble a playing surface. Regardless the major difference for us is material, tokens are made from high-density greyboard while tiles are made from high-density paperboard.

A sheet of high-density greyboard is wrapped in printed paper and then die cut with all the requested shapes. The printed paper can be applied to one-side of your token leaving the backside exposed or to both sides (two-sided printing) so players can use either side of the token.

Pre-Punched Token Sheets

Specialty Token Options

Pre-punched: you’re welcome to save your players the work of punching tokens by selecting our pre-punched option. Consider adding a bag or organizing insert to keep these tokens from floating around the inside of your box.

Interlocking: our die-cutting machine can create interlocking pieces, think puzzle, to allow players to build pieces together.

Multiple Variants

If you want to split your tokens between different pieces of artwork, we’ll need to know the number of variants. The more varieties of artwork you need the more printing plates we may need to create (also based on sheet size).