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Poker Style Playing Cards

Poker Style Playing Card Poker style cards are the most commonly used playing card. The style name, poker, originated from the popular game of poker, but now refers to the card size 3.5″ x 2.5″.

Poker Card Packaging

A standard poker deck (52 cards) is typically packaged in a flip top tuck box. Up to 110 cards can fit into a custom tuck box. Once your card count exceeds 110 cards, or 220 cards in two decks side by side, you will need a two-piece box to contain your deck. The flip top tuck box is not able to contain more than that amount without tearing.

Poker Card Material

There are three card materials to choose from – card stock, plastic or foil stock. The standard stock for the game industry and what most of your favorite games use is 280 GSM Blue Core card stock.

Tuck boxes are made with 10pt. coated 1-sided card stock – the industry standard.

Custom Poker Cards

Poker style doesn’t mean you have to create a 52-card deck with suites, although we are experienced with that! The poker card size is perfect for playing card games or accompanying a board game. Here are some examples of poker style card games we’ve printed:

Card Game
Board Game
with Cards
Business Playing Cards
Specialty Options for Cards

Playing Card Specialty Options

The best part about printing offset vs. POD is the amount of specialty options that are available. To the right is an example of a gold foil stamping. View our other options below: