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Pop-Up Spreads

Pop-up Paper Engineer Animal Book
Creating a pop-up book is no longer out of your reach! We can provide pop-ups, pull tabs, and flaps for an interactive experience. Pop-ups are a truly unique feature, therefore there are no templates available.

To move forward we need a few pieces:

  • Sketches with size information and a rough idea of how you want your pop-up to be elevated.
  • Files of your design with dielines so we can see how the paper needs to be creased, perforated, slotted or strengthened.
  • In some cases we may need a basic paper prototype.
    • If this is out of your skill zone, no worries! We have relationships with experienced paper engineers so that you can focus on creating the artwork and the paper engineer can worry about mechanics. This is an extra cost but one that will yield the highest quality product.

      Paper Engineering for Pop-Up Books

      File Submission Requirements

      In order to produce a pop-up book we need your files to be marked up appropriately -as seen to the right- so we know where to fold and add glue. This is a technical task, so we have partnered with expert paper engineers who can take your flat PDF files and work out the mechanics, make a prototype and add die lines.

      Pop-ups are no longer just for children’s books. If you’ve been looking for a way to have your corporate or brand books stand out try adding a one page pop-up spread.


      Request pricing for this add-on while locking in your price on our quoting calculator. We’ll reach out to you with a custom quote (or questions) within 1 business day of receiving your request.

      Before we can quote your project we will need to know how many pop-ups you are interested in and may request to see some of your designs for a better estimate.