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Specialty Paper Options

Choosing the paper stock that will bring your story to life doesn’t have to stop at the standard. In addition to our standard paper types, we offer a multitude of specialty paper options, cuts and styles to help your project express its unique personality and stand out in the crowd.

Select a specialty paper option below to learn more.

Textured Paper
The feeling of turning pages can be more memorable with textured paper.
Off-White Paper
Uncoated off-white paper stock gives a unique, raw feel.
Eco-Friendly Options
Be eco-friendly with FSC certified paper stock and soy-based ink.
Pop-Up Spreads
Bespoke pop-up options for all occasions, children's books or corporate brand books.
A gatefold - typically found in the center of magazines or books - is a page extension that opens into six panels, three on each side.

Extra Press Sheets
Uncut press sheets make a great commemorative gift or Kickstarter reward.
Die Cuts and Flaps
Used for design elements or offer a unique functional feature on your interior pages and book cover.
Double Lamination
Perfect for activity and workbooks as you can easily draw on and wipe off for repeated use.