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When to Use Book Endsheets Endpages Example Endsheets, also known as endpapers or endleaves, are the pages at the beginning and end of many hardcover books that are used to glue the inside pages (known as the ‘book block’) to the hardcover (known as the ‘case’).

Endsheets are usually made from a separate, uncoated paper stock slightly heavier than the paper used for the inside pages, and are included in our pricing for books with 60 or more inside pages.*

Typically, endsheets are either left blank, printed with a solid color, or printed with a pattern. However, PrintNinja is not limited to those choices and can print anything you’d like on your endsheets.

How Endsheets Are Glued

Important Design Consideration

When designing your endsheets, keep in mind that on the pages where the endsheets meet the inside pages the innermost 10mm will be glued together. Thus, these pages are not well suited for spreads or designs that span both pages.

No Endsheets Non-Separated Glued Cover Example *Low page-count hardcover books usually don’t use endsheets

Hardcover books under 60 pages (including most children’s books) don’t typically use traditional endsheets. Instead, the first and last inside pages are glued to the hardcover case, as in the picture to the left.

This is the default in our online calculator, so if you’d like to use endsheets in a book that’s under 60 pages, make sure to include them in your inside page count and let us know you’d like to use them.