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Bleed / Safe Zone / Borders

All projects with printing that goes to the edge of the page require an extra 0.125 inches of artwork beyond the trim line in all dimensions, known as “bleed.”

Full Bleed Printing

This area (depicted in red below) will be cut off in the final product, but printing it ensures that all printing goes to the edge even with the standard cutting variances(1mm) inherent in the professional printing process.

In addition, we recommend keeping all text and important graphics at least 0.125 inches away from the edge of the page, an area known as the “safe zone” (areas depicted in grey below are not in the safe zone), so that they do not get cut off during the trimming process.

Add Bleed to Your File

Setup your file with bleed room by following the steps pertaining to the program you are using ( Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign).

An Important Note About Borders: Because there is a variance in cutting, we recommend that any borders around the outside of a page extend a full 0.25 inches inside of the trim line (twice as far as the safe zone). This way, even with standard cutting variances, your borders will appear even.

PrintNinja How to Use Bleed, Cut Line, Safety, and Trim Guide