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Foil Stamping Setup Guide

Foil Stamp Setup Guide

In order to add a foil stamp to your project you will need to submit two versions of your cover.

1. A full color file containing all images that will be on your cover.

2. A single-color file containing only the foil stamped element as a solid-black image or text.

Example of Setting up a Foil Stamped File

To the right is how your final cover will look with the foil stamp applied. The “Foil Stamp Guide” text will be in foil, while the background and the PrintNinja logo will be printed.

Below are the two cover files you need to submit. Both should be sized correctly according to our cover guides.

The first file, which is in full color, contains all of the elements of the cover EXCEPT the foil stamped title. Since the foil is solid and placed over the ink, any printed elements under the foil stamp will not be visible.

The second file, which is submitted as solid black only, contains only the parts of the cover that will be foil stamped. Note that only the text is included on this file. The text needs to line up perfectly with the full color file for accurate results. Only solid shapes and lines can be created using foil, soft edges or gradients are not possible.

Foil Stamp Setup Guide Foil Stamp Setup Guide

Foil Stamping Process

For a full understanding of the foil stamping process from the mechanical side, view this video of the foil stamping process in action.