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Dust Jacket Setup Guide

Because dust jackets are a single sheet of paper wrapped around the hardcover case of your book, the artwork should be created as a single spread. Dust jackets can be tricky to set up since they’re slightly larger than the book itself, so be sure to double check the numbers in this guide as you’re setting up your files.

Dust Jacket Template

1. The “Page Height” and “Page Width” measurements in the guide below should be the same as the inside pages of your book. You will then add 0.27 inches to the height and 0.3 inches to the width to get the final front/back cover measurements.

2. Next, your spine should be calculated using our online spine calculator, plus 0.04 inches to account for the extra thickness of the paper.

3. The size of your flaps is a matter of taste, although most dust jacket flaps are approximately 1/3 the width of the cover.  Flaps must be at least 2.83 inches minimum.

4. As with your inside pages, you must include 0.125 inches of bleed around the edge of your dust jacket that will be trimmed off.

5. Finally, keep in mind that dust jackets, like all offset printing, exhibit minute variance in their production.  This means that you should be careful to keep important text and graphics at least 0.125 inches away from the edges between sections, since printed elements will often shift slightly in final production.

Dust Jacket Template Print Ready File Setup