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Looking to liven up your company letterhead with some new paperwork? PrintNinja can provide all the letterhead printing support you’ll need.

Make your correspondence jump out with professional branded letterhead printing from PrintNinja. Printed on quality stock that’s specially selected for today’s printers, your custom letterhead also includes a variety of color options. Consider a full color letterhead printed all the way to the edge for the ultimate professional look and order custom printed envelopes for a cohesive look.

Nothing conveys professionalism with such a light, sophisticated touch as a well-done letterhead.

Although they may seem insignificant, letterheads are often the first thing that readers notice when they open a correspondence from your business or office. This “first-impression” position means that letterheads should be cleanly unique, tastefully formatted and above all informative.

When decided how to design your custom letterhead, it’s absolutely vital to consider the tone and type of messages you’ll be conveying. This generally a matter of figuring out how your operations and service relates to those who will be reading your mail.

For instance, law firms and similar legal professionals might opt to include the years they’ve been in practice (for instance, “Offering Sound Counsel for those in Need Since 1993”) or their areas of expertise (“Defense Attorneys for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Cases”) in their letterheads.

On the other hand, a newer independent flower shop might opt for an elegant logo over too many words, speaking to your company’s focus on visual elements and decor. Government offices generally convey their regional seal or crest, and possibly a motto.

These kinds of thoughtful approaches to letterhead design are a quick way to legitimize your mail, even if it’s intended for hundreds or thousands of individuals.

Other things to consider when designing and printing a custom letterhead include:

  • How the document will be folded in or unfolded from an envelope – think about the reader’s experience of your document. If you have big news you want to announce for your business, think about expanding your logo and placing it in the background as a watermark
  • How much blank space the letterhead will leave (for instance, if your notes tend to be brief – often the case with price quotes or “thank yous” – you may have more room to incorporate logos, intricate borders and similar graphics
  • The font size, color, and ink type – while raised letters can lend your project a classy, timeless aspect, keep in mind that you don’t want to detract too much attention from your body text itself, especially if you’re communicating a more transactional message such as an invoice.

For design help with your letterhead, get in touch with a printing project graphics expert at PrintNinja today by visiting our website. You can also explore our online pricing system to instantly see how much we can save you on quality letterhead jobs, and even download a template to get started with your custom design.