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Your very own international cheap magazine printing department

Print 1,000 magazines for about $1 each [ ? ] 1,000 copies, 8.5×11, 24 pages, full color throughout, self cover, standard weight gloss coated inside pages, gloss coated cover, saddle stitched and printed in China. Does not include shipping or applicable taxes. Other configurations available, but pricing may vary.

Cheap magazine printing service that can’t be beaten in terms of quality or price.

How many magazines do you need?

In order to best serve you on this size of order, we recommend you order from our print on demand partner Chicago Pressmen.

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In order to best serve you on this large order, we recommend getting in touch with us directly so we can offer you the best printing rates and shipping quote. Please call us at 877-396-4652 or request a custom quote.

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PrintNinja has your cheap magazine printing down from cover to cover. Our prices for high-quality magazines and similar products are hands-down the lowest you’ll find. Thanks to our combination of overseas and U.S. operations, we can offer deals on fantastic looking magazine orders in full color and with every imaginable customization for much cheaper than previously available for independent print customers. At PrintNinja, we’re showing magazine firms around the world, both large and small, that cheap doesn’t have to mean poorly produced. In fact, when you work with PrintNinja, you’ll have a tough time deciding whether you like our cheap magazine printing costs or our outstanding construction and customer service.

We help you keep your printing costs under control because we work with Chinese printing companies. This is truly the least-expensive place in the world to buy magazines at print runs between 500 and 50,000 pieces.

When we built PrintNinja, we were determined not to let low prices mean low quality. We hand-inspect every production run to make sure that your magazines are beautiful. By managing those seemingly opposing ideas – cost control and great quality – we create a no-lose magazine printing proposition for you.

We have two offices. Our awesome customer service staff sits in Chicago. They answer the phone when it rings. They will cheerfully answer every one of your questions and will be happy to look for ways to help save money on your project. You’ll like them and the value that they add to your publication.

Our print buying staff sits in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is one of China’s great printing hubs, and we’ve found incredible printing companies that produce wonderful work. The China office handles all of the logistics, which insures that your magazines arrive at your shipping destination quickly and hassle-free. The combination of these two offices creates synergies that have to be experienced to be believed.

On the next page, we have a pricing calculator that will give you instant “budgetary” prices. You’ll find that those “budgetary” prices are already really low, but we can do better for you.

See, all of those prices are based on standard assumptions. Most magazines aren’t built on those “standard assumptions.” To get the lowest price possible for your job, we’ll have to spend some time talking to you and work up a custom quote for you. Don’t worry – our custom quote process is free and fast. We’ll make sure that we understand your requirements, and then find a way to give you a product that’s absolutely what you want at the lowest price anywhere.

Believe me: Our prices are great. (I’ve seen the quotes come in.) I know what we’ve done for other publishers. Click below to get budgetary quotes and to start the custom quotation process. Let us change the way you think about printing your magazine.