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Your very own international cheap catalog printing department

Print 1,000 catalogs for about $1 each [ ? ] 1,000 copies, 8.5×11, 24 pages, full color throughout, self cover, standard weight gloss coated inside pages, gloss coated cover, saddle stitched and printed in China. Does not include shipping or applicable taxes. Other configurations available, but pricing may vary.

Cheap catalog printing service that can’t be beaten in terms of quality or price.

How many catalogs do you need?

In order to best serve you on this size of order, we recommend you order from our print on demand partner Chicago Pressmen.

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In order to best serve you on this large order, we recommend getting in touch with us directly so we can offer you the best printing rates and shipping quote. Please call us at 877-396-4652 or request a custom quote.

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If you’re an independent retailer or business owner, you know the financial importance of finding cheap catalog printing and you probably also know how difficult it is to find affordable prices for your catalogs without sacrificing the quality construction it takes to sell your products. Fortunately, PrintNinja is here to offer you a total solution. We’ve totally rethought how cheap catalog printing can be done, finding ways to combine international printing and shipping services with hands-on customer service based out of our U.S. offices. This means your catalogs are as cheap as possible, but meet every printing industry standard of materials and production methods.

The reason that we’re able to offer such competitive color catalog printing is that we outsource our printing with a range of expert companies in China. Each catalog printing company we partner with has been carefully selected and vetted. When it comes to our customers’ catalog printing cheap and cheerful simply won’t do. Cheap and highest quality are our watchwords, and we make sure that we obtain both for you.

The PrintNinja catalog printing company runs from two offices. Our dedicated American customer service team in Chicago, will take all the details and specifications for your print catalogs. They then liaise with our print sourcing office in Shenzhen, China. Our bilingual staff there are experts in printing and logistics, and will outsource to a cheap catalog printing company that will print catalogs of the very best quality for your company. We can also advise on the best mailing service to get your catalogs out to customers.

The idea of having your print catalogs produced in China might at first seem a little unusual, but you can be reassured that our carefully thought out ordering, quality control and approval processes enable us to provide catalog printing services that are second to none.

For us, quality is always key. When we outsource color catalog printing cheap shortcuts such as using digital printing are never an option. We only ever use the highest quality offset printing because we want the best for our customers. We offer the full range of Pantone colors , along with options for spot color and UV coating.

We hand inspect every shipment of print catalogs before it leaves China and if it doesn’t meet our rigorous quality assurance protocols we’ll send it back to the catalog printing company for reprinting. It’s as simple as that. Because we don’t print catalogs ourselves we’ll never accept anything on your behalf that’s less than the very highest standard.

Our offer to you is the very best catalog printing services at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere. PrintNinja is a cheap catalog printing company that does things differently. Join the many savvy businesses that are reaping the benefits of our experience.

PrintNinja is an American company that supplies custom printed products from sources in the US and China. We’re experts in catalog printing, booklet printing, children’s book printing, and all other forms of offset printing. We have excellent Chinese-based and US-based printing firms that fill orders with high-quality printed goods at wicked low printing prices. By not owning our own printing presses, we can negotiate better pricing and do a better job as a third-party quality auditor than traditional printing companies.