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Your very own international cheap booklet printing department

Print 1,000 booklets for about $1 each [ ? ] 1,000 copies, 8.5×11, 24 pages, full color throughout, self cover, standard weight gloss coated inside pages, gloss coated cover, saddle stitched and printed in China. Does not include shipping or applicable taxes. Other configurations available, but pricing may vary.

Your booklet printing is a breeze with PrintNinja our personal U.S. based customer service connects you to the bigger picture of global offset press facilities.

How many booklets do you need?

In order to best serve you on this size of order, we recommend you order from our print on demand partner Chicago Pressmen.

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In order to best serve you on this large order, we recommend getting in touch with us directly so we can offer you the best printing rates and shipping quote. Please call us at 877-396-4652 or request a custom quote.

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On the hunt for cheap booklet printing? PrintNinja is your across-the-board answer for affordable and professional booklet production. Due to our international but independent business model – a revolution in the way printing gets done – we can offer to print your booklets and related material for 30% to 70% cheaper than what you’d pay with other printers. Every day, PrintNinja partners with quality-controlled offset printing facilities and shipping companies to produce and supply booklets for the cheapest prices you’ll ever find. Talk to us about your booklet needs and find out how much cheaper your printing project can be, produced with the most rigorous industry standards of materials and methods.

When it comes to printing booklets we certainly know what we’e doing, and we’ve designed our quoting and ordering system in a way that will guide you through most types of project. Click here to get started now.

We’ve provided easy-to-use dropdown boxes so that you can choose options and quantities as appropriate.

These are pre-configured, to ensure your order makes sense in printing terms. To give you an example, when you’e printing booklets, you’ll always be choosing the number of pages in multiples of four because that’s how printing works.

Another example is that only certain weights of paper are suitable for printing booklets, so the dropdowns only contain the relevant paper grades. We can print to match the full range of Pantone colors, and you can select extras such as a spot color or UV coating.

As well-established booklet printers we realise that not every job fits neatly into a pre-configured set up, so we also provide a custom quote service. Simply click on “Can’t Find What You Need? Request a Custom Quote”, and you’ll be taken straight to our detailed quote page. Here you can give details about your artwork and upload different specification documents so that we can quote for your project.

If this is your first encounter with PrintNinja, you’ll want to know why you should bring your business to us. Here are some great reasons:

Our prices are consistently lower than those you will find anywhere, online or offline. We’ll carry out your booklet printing project for 20% to 40% less than any other booklet printing service.

We know our business. As booklet printers and entrepreneurs we’ve built a base of loyal and happy customers, and we’re adding to it all the time. We want to exceed your expectations first time when we’re printing booklets for your company, and we will go that extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Unlike many other companies offering a cheap booklet printing service we don’t cut corners by using digital printing. Offset is the best kind of printing and it’s the only one we use. It means sharp, clean images and a professional appearance that will get your business noticed.

We always take time to get your cheap booklet printing order right, but if yours is an urgent job we have some special shipping options to speed things along. We’re American-owned, with customer service based in the USA. Our prices are hugely competitive because we use the best printing companies in China, who offer exceptionally high quality at unbeatable prices.

Because of the fact that we carry out your project using our booklet printers in China, we will need a longer turnaround time.

But, as we’ve already mentioned, there are ways in which you can speed things up, either with your entire order or perhaps just a part of it.

And as you would expect with such a competitive booklet printing service as PrintNinja, we do have minimum order quantities. But in return we are offering an unbeatable per piece booklet printing price, with exceptional quality control, and friendly American customer service. We can even advise on mailing service options to get your booklet out to customers.

PrintNinja is an American company that supplies custom printed products from sources in the US and China. We’re experts in catalog printing, booklet printing, children’s book printing, and all other forms of offset printing. We have excellent Chinese-based and US-based printing firms that fill orders with high-quality printed goods at wicked low printing prices. By not owning our own printing presses, we can negotiate better pricing and do a better job as a third-party quality auditor than traditional printing companies.