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Your very own international book printing department

Print 1,000 books for about $2 each [ ? ] 1,000 copies, 60 pages, 8.5×11, full color throughout, self cover, standard weight gloss coated inside pages, gloss coated cover, perfect binding and printed in China. Does not include shipping or applicable taxes. Other configurations available, but pricing may vary.

PrintNinja brings you unbeatable book printing savings with the same offset press quality that big publishers demand. Our exclusive partnerships with overseas commercial facilities allow you to order more without sacrificing 360-degree, U.S. based customer service.

In order to best serve you on this size of order, we recommend you order from our print on demand partner Chicago Pressmen.

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In order to best serve you on this large order, we recommend getting in touch with us directly so we can offer you the best printing rates and shipping quote. Please call us at 877-396-4652 or request a custom quote.

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Book printing services from PrintNinja are a great way to get your book published. Our affordable book printing is a great option for self publishing children’s books, chapter books, nonfiction, textbooks or reference books, as well as printing larger manuals, handbooks or guidebooks. We offer a both hardcover and softcover options plus a variety of color, paper and binding choices.

Books! Perhaps man’s greatest invention after the wheel and fire. Okay, fire is not an invention, but still. PrintNinja has a passion for bringing your ideas and images to the wider world through printed books, and we don’t plan to ever stop.

The printed book is alive and well! Don’t let the e-book hype fool you. Yes, e-formats are super trendy and hi-tech and that’s all fine and good. But there are thousand and thousands of readers who would never surrender a single book for a million e-readers, even if the e-readers made them breakfast and then did the dishes.

The book has a lot of things going for it that e-readers just can’t claim. Books feel good to hold. There’s an audible and satisfying crack when you bend open the spine of a brand new book. You can write in a book’s margins and when you find your notes years later, ponder what is was your cryptic shorthand meant. You don’t have to recharge a printed book. You don’t have to pay a fee to share a printed book with your friends. We really aren’t trying to bash e-books, we just think printed books are better. That’s all.

Once you have your files ready, our team of graphic service experts will review them to make sure everything is in order. From double checking to make sure that the colors in your cover art are perfectly adjusted, to making sure the bleeds and margins of your interior pages are accurate, they’ll go through it all. And if they do find any issues, they will reach out to you with suggestions and efficient solutions.

And because PrintNinja gives you the best value on large quantity print runs, you’ll have the inventory you need on hand when your customers are ready to order them. No need to worry about running out and having to pay for a second print run.

Our offset printing methods mean that your cover art will be deep and vibrant, which visually jumps out at your customers and right into their cart! The interior text will be rich and sharp. No need to ever stress about your carefully crafted words blurring.

PrintNinja can’t wait to help you bring your book dreams to life through print! We’re here and ready when you are.